Suspension Light Groups

My suspension lights are made from high fire porcelain, and come standard with unfinished brass hardware, and white cloth covered wire. They can be finished with any of my glazes. Also, a variety of wire colors and metal finishes are available on request. Additionally, most of my pendants have hole patterns that represent a Morse Code word. While I am fond of the words that I have chosen, I am also able to create other patterns from words that have a specific meaning to the client. Custom Morse Code words are available for an additional charge.


Every fixture is made to order, so the final installation is fully customized to the room it's being installed in. Whether it's a dining room, living room, bedroom, entry or stairwell, the overall span, and drop is unique to each application.


Because I spray up to 6 coats of glaze onto each piece, and fire them to over 2300 ºF, there will definitely be glaze variations within each grouping, but the individual pendants will all complement each other. 

Please allow for a 12 - 16 week lead time when ordering suspension light fixtures.