I’ve been playing with clay for as long as I can remember. From visits to my dad’s ceramics classroom and growing up with a pottery wheel on our deck, to eventually studying ceramics in college, all roads have lead me to where I am today…a potter. 

Although I perforate my pieces for aesthetic reasons, some of the holes also serve a more tangible purpose. Those intended holes are words "written" in Morse Code. A small hole represents a “dot” and a large hole represents a “dash.” 


I refer to my Morse Code pieces as subliminal works. By encoding a word (or words) into the piece, it becomes a talisman. Whether or not the viewer consciously acknowledges the text, the piece is a beacon for its embedded code. And I aim to fill the world with objects of hope, love, dreams, and as many other positive permutations as possible.


I throw, cast, drill, and glaze every piece by hand, making each object unique. If you have any questions about my process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.



Ryan Mennealy Ceramics
Lake Forest, CA

T - 323.422.8535

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