Pendant Lights

My pendants are made from high fire porcelain and come in two different sizes. The first pendant size is approximately 10.5 inches tall, with an overall drop of 14.5 inches. That size retails for $1,600.00 per pendant. The second pendant is approximately 15 inches tall, with an overall drop of 19 inches. That size retails for $2,500.00 per pendant. The pendants are available with a variety of hole patterns, and several glaze options. All pendants come standard with either unfinished brass or, polished nickel hardware. Please contact me if you need a specific metal finish, and I will do my best to accommodate your request. Custom rigid drops, as well as cloth covered wire drops are also available. I spray up to 6 coats of glaze onto each shade, and fire them to over 2300 ºF, so some glaze variation should be expected when ordering multiples.

Please allow for a 8 - 12 week lead time when ordering light fixtures.

Zay Pendants, with White Gloss glaze
15 inch Forever Pendant (left) and 15 inch Michele Pendant (right), both with White Gloss glaze
Lilly Pendants, with Blue Green Ash glaze
Lilly Pendants, with custom length drops © 2011 - 2020 Ryan Mennealy Ceramics, All Rights Reserved